Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Facebook and Twitter Connect Now FREE!

Facebook & Twitter should be an important part of every SocialGO network's traffic acquisition. The Facebook & Twitter Connect functionality allows anyone with either a Facebook or Twitter account to signup to a SocialGO network in seconds without the hassle of re-entering all your profile details and adding a profile photo. As you would imagine this can dramatically increase network sign-up potential!

So we have decided to make Facebook & Twitter Connect FREE so everyone can realise more members. If you haven't done it already, get yourself over to your Admin Centre and click on "Facebook Connect" to do the configuration. For Twitter connect, go to the Widget Store, install the widget and configure it from inside the Layout Manager.

Great Integrations For Your Networks

The internet is full of great applications that can make your network come alive. So much so that we have added a new section to our Help Portal at help.socialgo.com called "Integrations" where we are adding loads of ideas and instructions on how to integrate 3rd party apps to your network.

To get started we show you how to integrate Google Analytics so you can collect useful traffic and usage data on your network. We also explain how to integrate Polldaddy so you can get your members voting on important issues, and how to integrate Box.net so you can add file sharing and storage to your network.

There are many more integration ideas coming in the very near future, including adding an affiliate tracking system, adding SurveyGizmo for member research, adding TinyPay.me micro store and much more. If you have any integrations you've done that others could use, we would love to hear from you. Send us a message through our Help Portal.

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